Fermi National Laboratory

Calling Instructions and General Telephone Information


Guide for Telephone Dialing




FNAL Operator 0




Intra-Laboratory 4-Digit Ext.


Paging (On-Site only) 72 + 4-Digit Pager #


Local Area (630) only   
    (includes Argonne Lab)

9+7-Digit #


Long Distance
    (Incl.  224, 312, 708,
     773, 815, 847)

9+1+ Area code + 7-Digit #


    (incl. 800, 866, 877, 888)
9+1+8XX + 7-Digit #


International "0"

A, B


A – From phones restricted to on-site calling only, assistance can be obtained by dialing the Fermilab Operator ("0").


B – From phones capable of calling off-site, but not capable of direct international dialing, you may dial "0" and obtain the assistance of the Fermilab operator.


INCOMING CALLS          Dial
Intra-Laboratory  4-Digit Ext.
From Outside the Laboratory (630)+840+4-digit Ext.


On-Site (Voice) Paging

From an on-site, touch-tone phone, dial 72.  Wait for the first tone, then dial the 4-digit pager number (3-digit numbers should be preceded with a zero). Immediately after the next tone, speak a short, clear message including your name and extension before hanging up.  If you are at an off-site phone, you may have the FNAL operator (630/840-3000) deliver the page on your behalf.  On-site pages are usually transmitted within 10-20 seconds.


Local Long-Range or Nationwide (Numeric and Alpha-Numeric) Paging

From any touch-tone phone with off-campus dialing privileges, dial 9 and the complete pager number (including area code, if not 630). At the tone(s), enter the number at which you can be reached.  If the phone you are calling from does not have off-campus dialing, you may have the FNAL operator (630/840-3000) deliver the page for you.


Transfer of Calls (Non-display type telephone)

Depress switch-hook momentarily and upon hearing a recall dial tone, dial extension number.  When the call is answered, tell the party that you are transferring a call, hang up; the call will then be connected.


Transfer of Calls (Display type telephone)

Depress the Link button, listen for stutter dial tone.  Then dial phone number of the party you are transferring to.  After you hear the first ring you may hang up or wait until the call is answered to announce the call.


Three-way Calling (Non-display type telephone)

Depress switch-hook, listen for dial tone.  Dial the phone number of the third party. After the third party answers, depress switch-hook once and all parties will be connected.  You may have one internal and two outside, or two internal and one outside, or three internal.


Three-way Calling (Display or Conference type telephone)

DO NOT put your first party on hold.  Depress the Link/Flash button, listen for stutter dial tone, then dial phone number of  the third party.  After the third party answers, depress the Link/Flash button again and all parties will be connected.


Consultation Hold (Single-line Non-display type telephone)

To hold party on line while calling another party, depress switch-hook momentarily; upon hearing recall dial tone, dial extension number.  After you talk to your party and they hang up, depress switch-hook twice to reconnect to your original call.


Call Hold (Single-line Non-display type telephone)

A few Laboratory phones have Call Hold (Dial 18).  Depress switch-hook momentarily, receive recall dial tone, dial 18.  This puts your call on hold.  After dialing 18, you will receive a dial tone; dial your intended number.  To dismiss the second call, hang up; your telephone will ring you back.  You are now reconnected to your first call.  To hold a second person, depress switch-hook once, receive dial tone, dial 18 and you’re reconnected with the first person.  Repeat procedure to alternate conversation.


Call Pickup (All instrument types)

A few Laboratory phones have Call Pickup (Dial 19).  To retrieve a call ringing at another phone within the designated pick-up group, pick up the receiver of your phone and dial 19.  After a brief pause the call will be connected to your phone.  Only phones within your designated pick-up group can be answered by dialing 19.


Call Forwarding–Variable (All instrument types)

This feature allows you to program your phone line to ring on another line within the Laboratory.  To accomplish this, you must use the instrument which has the line you want programmed.  Lift receiver and listen for dial tone.  Dial 106, listen for recall dial tone, then dial the 4-digit number you want your calls forwarded to; after a brief silence, you will hear a confirmation tone which indicates your line is forwarded.  Hang up.  While call forwarding variable is enabled on your line, the forwarded line will ring once each time an incoming call is received.  This feature is called “reminder ring” and indicates that your line is being forwarded.


To cancel, again you must use your same line.  Lift receiver and listen for dial tone. Dial 107.  Listen for recall dial tone.  Hang up.


With the Centrex #5 telephone system, you are able to place outgoing calls on your own instrument even though your phone number is forwarded elsewhere.  However, if you do not cancel Call Forwarding, you will not receive incoming calls on your line.


Call Forwarding–Don't Answer (All instrument types)

Automatically routes inward dialed calls to a predetermined telephone number when your line remains unanswered after a designated number of rings.


Speed Calling (Primarily Non-display type telephones)

This feature permits a user to list frequently called numbers by dialing a 2-digit code.


Voice Mail (All instrument types)

To access your voice mailbox from your on-site phone, dial 6000; then follow the voice prompts to enter your passcode and retrieve your messages.


To access your mailbox from off-site dial 840-6000 (use 630 when out of the area code), enter your extension, press *, then enter password when prompted.


For additional information call Telecommunications at extension 5411.


Calls Placed to Off-Site Areas

FTS 2001 provides Fermilab with domestic long distance dialing service.


Dial 9+1+ area code +7-digit commercial number.  This includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, U.S., Virgin Islands and Canada.


Calls to off-continent countries may be placed through the Fermilab operator by dialing "0".  Our carrier for international calls is AT&T.


Direct Dialed Calls from Off-Site to Fermilab

Calls may be made directly to a Fermilab extension number by dialing 7 digits (840 plus the 4-digit extension) from within the 630 area code or by dialing 10 digits (1+630+840 plus the 4-digit extension) from outside the 630 area code.  This includes accessing your voice mailbox.


Collect Calls to Fermilab

Employees who are traveling on official Laboratory business, may place collect calls directly to any Laboratory number.  In general, however, employees should not routinely accept collect business or personal calls at Laboratory phones.  You may be asked to reimburse the Fermilab Cashier for unauthorized collect calls.


Information/Directory Assistance/Commercial Directories

To obtain directory information, you may use one of the following methods:


1.                  FNAL Operator or On-Line Phone Directory - For telephone numbers and locations of personnel at the Laboratory not found in the Fermilab directory, dial the FNAL Operator (0), or link to the on-line phone directory from the Fermilab Homepage.

2.                  Internet - Search one of the many directory assistance webpages such as:





3.                  Printed Directories -Copies of the Fermilab and Argonne phone directories may be obtained from the Stockroom, ext. 3825. The Geneva or Fox Valley Regional commercial directories are available at no charge and may be requested by calling the Mailroom, ext. 3210. Other commercial directories are available for a charge and may be purchased on your department’s Procard by contacting R.H.Donnelley at 800-487-6733. Be sure to give your name, mail station and credit card information to ensure prompt delivery.  DO NOT have your purchase charged to the Lab’s phone bill.

4.                  Directory Assistance Operator - If you are unable to locate the desired information using one of the above methods or if you do not have access to a computer, then you may dial the Directory Assistance Operator at 9+1+(area code)+555-1212.


NOTE:  Since calls to the Directory Assistance Operator incur a charge, you are strongly encouraged to use either on-line directory resources or commercial directories to help reduce the cost to the Lab for these types of calls.  


Directory and Personal Information Changes

Report any changes in your Lab or personal information by filling out the Name and Address Employee Data form found on the LS/Human Resources Services page at:  http://wdrs.fnal.gov/hrs/dataform.html. You may also obtain this form from the Records Office, WH-15SE.


Personal Calls

Use of the Laboratory’s phones for personal calls should be limited to those that are

necessary and that cannot be made elsewhere or at other times.  Supervisors are responsible for minimizing time spent placing personal calls during working hours.


You are encouraged to place necessary personal calls in one of the following ways:


  1. Call collect, dial 9+0.
  2. Set up third party billing to callers own non-Fermi telephone number, dial 9+0.
  3. Use a personal calling card.  These can be obtained through your local phone service provider.  Prepaid calling cards are also available and can be purchased at many retail locations.  Read and follow the instructions provided on the card.


Note: 10-10-xxxxx numbers advertised by many phone service providers should not be used to designate an alternate long distance carrier from any Lab phone as this will result in Fermilab incurring a higher cost per minute.


Telephone Calling Cards (Official Business Use)

Corporate calling cards are available from the Telecommunications office.  Requests including a business justification may be submitted to telecom@fnal.gov.  Fermilab calling cards are considered government property.  Please report your lost or stolen card immediately to the Telecommunications office, ext. 5411 and complete a loss report with Security.  Cards that are no longer being utilized should also be turned in to the Telecommunications office, WH-5W.


Telephone Installations, Moves, Feature Changes

Requests for phone installations, relocations or changes to dialing features (including voice mail) should be submitted on a Telecommunications Service Request form to the Telecommunications office, MS 228 or to telecom@fnal.gov. This form is available on-line at the BSS/Telecom webpage:  http://www-bss.fnal.gov/Telecom/index.html or from the Fermilab Stockroom (request Stock No. 1355-0280).


Routine installations and moves are typically completed within 5-10 business days from the date the Request is received in the Telecommunications office.


Telephone Repairs

To report trouble with your phone instrument or phone line, dial the FNAL Operator (0), and provide your name, extension, location and an explanation of the problem. A technician will respond to each repair by the next business day.  Reports of no dial tone can be looked at sooner if necessary.


Report any repeated trouble with long distance dialing (eg. fast busy, call not connected, recorded message) immediately and provide the FNAL operator with the extension you were calling from, the complete dialed telephone number and location of the dialed number.


Audio Conference Calls (Official Business Use)

All conference calls should be scheduled with the Telecommunications office at least 1 hour in advance. You may e-mail (telecom@fnal.gov) or phone in your request to ext. 5411.  Be prepared to provide the following information:  a valid project/task code; the hosts name, employee I.D. # and extension; date, time and approximate duration of your conference; number of participants and type of conference you are requesting.


Calls with 3 or fewer connections may be set up without assistance from most Lab desk phones by using the switch hook, Link or Flash keys on the phone.  Refer to the Three-way Calling information described previously in these instructions.


If your conference will be conducted after normal business hours (8:00-4:30), make scheduling arrangements during business hours.  DO NOT call the Communications Center or FNAL Operator to connect your audio conferences.


Cellular Telephone, Conference Speakerphone Loans (Official Business Use)

A limited number of cellular phones and a speakerphone for conferences are available for loan upon request from the Telecommunications office.  Call ext. 5411 to make arrangements.  You will be asked to provide a project/task code, but charges will not be applied unless the usage activity is excessive.  You are required to reimburse the Fermilab Cashier for any personal calls made while on official Fermilab business travel.


Time and Temperature (Local)

Dial 0 for the FNAL Operator.


Facsimile Service

If you do not have access to a facsimile machine in your office area, you may have a facsimile transmitted from the Communications Center.  Dial the FNAL Operator (0) for assistance or go to the Communications Center located on the Ground Floor of Wilson Hall.


To view other Laboratory FAX machine numbers and their locations, see page 1.9 of the Fermilab Phone Directory or go to the on-line Fermi Phone Directory under Other Fermilab Directories, then Fax Numbers.


Mail Station Numbers

All alphabetical employee listings include a mail station.  It is recommended that all internal mail be addressed with both a name AND mail station number.  Your return address on U.S. mail should also include your mail station.